Support for communities

In order to fulfill its mission of preventing poverty through educational success, the Lucie and André Chagnon Foundation plans to work closely with certain communities across Quebec, based on their demographic profile and diversity (dimensions linked to preventing poverty through educational success). Our definition of "community" includes MRCs, regions, cities and neighbourhoods.

By establishing respectful relationships with different sectors that take into account their realities and evolution, the Foundation hopes to:

  • Concentrate its support in disadvantaged areas,
  • Support different territorial configurations and strengthen actors' ability to take action on the ground,
  • Ensure its support is part of a comprehensive, integrated and ongoing approach.  

Some examples of supported communities.


Montreal: Collective Impact Project (17 neighbourhoods)

The Collective Impact Project is an accelerator of change aimed at increasing the impact of collective action and achieving measurable and significant outcomes in the reduction of poverty in Montreal neighbourhoods... >>>


Charlevoix (two MRCs)

Behind the picturesque landscapes "between river and mountain" of Quebec's Charlevoix region lies a complex socio-economic reality.  >>>



Bas St-Laurent (one region, 8 MRCs)

In spite of the challenges presented by devitalization and poverty, the Bas St-Laurent region possesses a strong social capital and is known for its culture of mutual aid and community spirit. >>>

During the implementation of the approach described above, the Foundation will respect its commitments and continue to support communities, primarily through the intermediary of Avenir d'enfants (until 2020) and Québec en Forme (until 2019), the two Quebec-wide partnerships the Foundation set up with the Quebec government.


Avenir d'enfants 

By supporting local community initiatives, Avenir d'enfants strives to fulfill its mission: to advance the overall development of children five and under living in poverty to ensure that every child has the opportunity to get a good start in life. >>>

Québec en Forme

Québec en Forme works to mobilize all of Quebec society around healthy eating and active living, both essential for young Quebecers to reach their full potential. >>>


Support mandate completed

Réunir Réussir

Réunir Réussir supported initiatives that promote student retention in Quebec, focusing primarily on mobilizing the Instances régionales de concertation (IRCs)* and local communities. >>>

* An "instance régionale de concertation" is a group of regional actors from different sectors working towards a common goal in the same region in support of local communities.

Other forms of support provided by the Chagnon Foundation:

Forces Avenir and the Lucie and André Chagnon Foundation
Proud promoters of student engagement

Students on a winter camping experience learn that they can surpass their limits and develop new skills. (in French)


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