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Our 3 levers

Dedicating our resources to the common good

Supporting capacity for action

Seeking unifying solutions

In order to achieve our mission, we place all of our levers—investments, endowments and influence—at the service of social justice and the capacity for action of people who have the potential for innovation and for developing and implementing solutions that are unifying, effective and sustainable.

Our goal is to reinforce:

  • organization functioning
  • collective action
  • communication and influence
  • the development of knowledge, practices and expertise
  • reflection, ongoing evaluation and learning

3 priority levers

Based on the lessons we have learned and exchanges with our many stakeholders, we have identified three levers. We do everything in our power to ensure that each one operates in synergy with the others in complementary ways.


Investing responsibly


Supporting social actors’ long-term capacity for action


Participating in the dialogue on public policy


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