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Awards policy

The goal of the Foundation is to provide long-term support for organizations or associations that are working together to promote the educational success of all children living in Quebec. To avoid situations of perceived conflict of interest, the Foundation has chosen not to accept awards from any organization that receives, or is likely to receive, its financial support.

The Foundation sees itself as better placed to recognize the achievements and lessons learned by its partners than to be a recipient of awards and distinctions. The Foundation prefers to measure the appreciation of its work by what its partners and the organizations it is involved with are saying about it on the ground or at events (referencing the Foundation in speeches, press releases, etc.).

The Foundation and its special projects are pleased, however, to receive official recognition from organizations that do not fall into the above category. We have received awards from the communications industry for Naître et grandir and the Early Childhood Observatory, for example, in recognition of the quality of their projects.

In the case of awards presented to its employees, the Foundation studies each case individually in accordance with its code of ethics, primarily to ensure the absence of any conflict of interest.

Donation policy

Donations in memory of a loved one

Perhaps you have just lost a loved one who was dedicated to the cause of young people, and would like to suggest that close friends and family consider making a donation to the Lucie and André Chagnon Foundation. We are always very touched and appreciative when individuals think of us at such a difficult time.

The Foundations is fortunate, however, in that it has sufficient funds to conduct its activities. Although it is authorized to receive donations, the Foundation prefers to recommend that individuals offer their support to organizations that work with young people that are always in need of financing.

We therefore ask that you direct your donations to these organizations. If you wish, we would be pleased to recommend the names of organizations that would appreciate your generosity and put your donation to good use. For more information, please contact us at

Legacy giving

As a charitable organization, the Foundation is entitled to be the beneficiary of a gift in a will, even though it does not solicit such donations in fundraising campaigns.

If you are considering making a charitable bequest in your will, are an executor of someone else’s will or just have questions about this form of giving, please contact us at

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