Fondation Lucie et André Chagnon

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Obtaining funding

Mission-based investments

What guides our decisions

We invest with other partners in social projects that generate both a social and financial return. The purpose of these projects is to offer an innovative financial tool.

  1. Five key sectors

    We focus on the following investment sectors, which may evolve in conjunction with our experience and lessons learned:

    Food systems

    Affordable housing

    Socio-ecological transition

    Collective real estate

    Employment integration

  2. Contribute to community revitalization and development

  3. Involve intermediaries with expertise in one of our five key sectors

  4. Generate a modest return on our capital

  5. Complement existing sources of funding without competing with them

  6. Play a role that is distinct from and complementary to that of the government

How to contact us

Are you interested in knowing more about MBIs? We may be future investment partners. For more information, contact our Social Financing department.

Our 3 levers

In order to achieve our mission, we place all of our levers—investments, endowments and influence—at the service of social justice and the capacity for action of people who have the potential for innovation and for developing and implementing solutions that are unifying, effective and sustainable.

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