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The Foundation

Approach and values

How we go about achieving our mission


We have a broad overview of all the individual and collective factors that have an impact on children’s development and of any actions that support the Foundation’s mission.

We believe that the most sustainable changes are rooted in communities, civil society and institutions. Change also grows out of dialogue between institutions, decision-makers and holders of knowledge. It is the product of a collective effort to which we wish to contribute. Recognition of the efforts of others, empowerment, listening and dialogue are at the heart of our approach.

Our organization is just one link in a long chain of actors dedicated to removing the barriers to the development of the full potential of all young people living in Québec.

Our guiding

  • Relationships based on trust
    We strive to build relationships with our colleagues, the partners we support and our stakeholders that are based on trust, openness, respect and collaboration, while constantly aspiring to agility.
  • A learning culture
    We are constantly learning alongside people who are innovating and implementing solutions; we are not interested in imposing the answers. We recognize the importance of advancing knowledge through ongoing learning and improving knowledge on major social issues.
  • Rigorous management
    Our goal is to minimize our management costs by adopting effective, efficient operating, administrative and governance practices. (Learn more about our financial commitments.)
  • A commitment to society
    Given our philanthropic status and our role that is both separate from and complementary to that of the government, we recognize that our resources are for collective use. We are responsible and accountable for our actions and the consequences of those actions. We also recognize that we have a duty to citizens and our stakeholders, and are committed to involving representatives of civil society in our practices and decision-making bodies.


We do our very best to embody these values every day; they guide our actions both internally and externally. We do our utmost to share these values and ensure they are known and recognized by all our partners and stakeholders.

  • Solidarity: promoting mutual aid and prioritizing the common good
  • Social justice: acting with transparency and equity
  • Inclusion: being open, welcoming diversity as a strength, and recognizing every individual’s ability to succeed and make a contribution
  • Agility: being flexible and creative in our work while constantly seeking out rallying, inclusive solutions based on what we have learned
  • Collaboration: combining everyone’s strengths, working together in an atmosphere of trust, and nourishing relationships based on mutual respect.

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