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La Table de développement social de la MRC de Pierre-De Saurel (TDSPDS)

Year founded: 2012

The mission of the TDSPDS is to bring together social development actors in MRC Pierre-De Saurel in order to establish priorities and encourage cooperation on structuring projects and priority initiatives. Its objective is to improve the living conditions and general well-being of the population by focusing on factors of poverty and social exclusion.

Projects and challenges

  • Educational success
  • Access to services
    • Rurality
    • Transportation
  • Social housing
  • Food security

Main achievement

Mobilization in action: The Pierre-De Saurel MRC nourricière project (making Pierre-De Saurel a food-providing MRC), mobilization of several actors, partnership diversity.


MRC Pierre-De Saurel

Fact sheet prepared by Communagir in cooperation with the Table de développement social de la MRC de Pierre-de-Saurel (May 2019)

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