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La Constellation du Granit | La Voixe des concertations

Year founded:

  • La Constellation du Granit: 1994
  • La voixe des concertations: 2018

The mission of La Constellation du Granit is to apply a global systemic approach that takes all ages in the life cycle into account to foster the development of a vision and actions focused on consolidating, improving and creating optimal living conditions for the entire population of the MRC (regional county municipality) du Granit.

Challenges and projects

  • Working with age groups from 0-100
  • Pooling of three collaborative initiatives

3  cross-sector projects:

  • Food
  • Housing
  • Continuum

Principale achievement

Mobilisation: rallying business representatives and community actors around a common project


MRC du Granit: 20 municipalities, small cities and rural communities

Fact sheet prepared by Communagir in cooperation with La Constellation du Granit (May 2019)

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