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We recognize the phenomenal work being done by a multitude of actors who are working together to find solutions to the root causes of poverty and inequality. They are the specialists in their communities.

We support them by giving them the means to achieve their objectives, helping to create conditions that are favourable to developing the full potential of all young people. Capacity for action includes organizational functioning, collective action, communication and influence, the development of knowledge, practices and expertise, and reflection, ongoing evaluation and learning.

Creating dignified living conditions and access to real possibilities for development requires a broad, systemic vision of the factors that can have an impact on the underlying causes that bring about and perpetuate inequalities.

We have chosen to base our work on the needs of communities, not on a financing program. This requires us to consider all initiatives as unique, subjecting each to a rigorous, adapted analysis.

We intend the relationships we develop with our partners to stand the test of time. They are based on respect, active listening, mutual trust, understanding, and knowledge about initiatives and who is behind them.

This approach fosters a culture of collaboration that facilitates partnership and the exchange of knowledge.

  • Expanding the reach of our support and engaging us over the long term
  • Supporting initiatives that promote citizen participation and mobilization
  • Bringing us closer to actors who are concerned with populations that are frequently in situations of vulnerability (women, racialized groups, immigrants, refugees or people without migratory status, etc.) or working towards the social-ecological transition
  • Supporting social innovation
  • Experimenting with new forms of support
  • Strengthening spaces for sharing and networking to encourage the creation of new initiatives and optimize the resources provided by various funders

Whom do we support?

In order to achieve our mission, we have chosen to focus our support on territories, networks, organizations and projects that offer resources.

Communities where groups of partners are mobilizing to take action various issues (poverty, inequality, social development, youth development, and the environments in which young people and their families are evolving).

Networks that bring together actors, citizens, actors or decision-makers who are innovating, sharing practices and knowledge, and participating in the dialogue on public policy.

Ressources: organizations well-established in their community that provide information, awareness and alternative voices for citizens, other actors (networks, territories) and political decision-makers.

Examples of initiatives we support

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How to obtain the Foundation’s support

Does your initiative resemble those we support? Do you think we could be one of your partners? Find out more about how to obtain funding from the Foundation.

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