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To rally elected government officials and decision-makers through advocacy, with the goal of inspiring them to take sustainable action on conditions that reduce inequality and barriers to the development of young people’s full potential.

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Ethical principles

The Foundation begins by strengthening the influence of those who are primarily concerned (citizens, people from marginalized or disadvantaged environments, civil society actors) and to report on their realities, without claiming to “represent” them. We are committed to:

  • taking a position and being a non-partisan voice further to consultation with our partners and other stakeholders.
  • recognizing and valuing the diversity of points of view and the dialogue between different stakeholders.
  • not claiming to be “experts” on issues and solutions (basing our work on documented facts) or to represent citizens from disadvantaged or marginalized environments.
  • participating in collective action, providing support without taking the lead.


Our methods

  • Submitting briefs and taking part in public consultations
  • Supporting and participating in events, collectives, committees, actions and coalitions
  • Adding our voice to public position statements in the media, most frequently in collaboration or after consultation with other stakeholders

Our priorities

On the strength of what we have learned in recent years, and further to requests from our stakeholders (citizens, partners, social actors), we have identified priorities that will evolve in tandem with social, political and economic conditions.

Affordable housing

Community action

Food systems and security

Educational environments

Prejudice and discrimination

Marginalized voices


Sustainable social finance

Social-economic transition

Long-term commitments

Our commitment also finds expression in our engagement in several declarations and pledges, including:


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