Organizational structure


Organization Chart (PDF)

Board of Directors

The Foundation's Board of Directors, which meets quarterly, is made up of members of the Chagnon family and external members. The diverse backgrounds of all the members of the Board result in a dynamic synergy.

Executive Committee

Steering Committee

  • Claude Chagnon, Vice-Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer
  • Member to be appointed

The Steering Committee consists of at least three members, annually appointed by the Board of Directors. It assists the Board in the following ways:

  • It sets up an internal governance framework for the Foundation's planning and control procedures, including an annual calendar of meetings (allowing for ongoing strategic dialogue between Board members and senior executives), as well as documentation procedures.
  • It fulfills its duties to the Board by making recommendations in the following areas:
    • Planning and control procedures
    • Composition and mandate of the Board
    • Evaluation of the Board's performance
    • Guidelines for directors
    • Description of the Chairman and CEO's duties
    • External directorships
    • Rules of conduct
    • Directors' fees and compensation
    • Miscellaneous


Audit Committee

The Audit Committee assists the Board of Directors by reviewing financial statements, auditing and financial reporting procedures, and internal controls, to ensure their efficiency and accuracy. It is made up of at least three members, annually appointed from among the directors by the Board. 


Investment Committee

The Investment Committee is made up of the Chairman and CEO and at least one member, annually appointed by the Board from among the Foundation's directors. Non-Board members are also eligible. All members of this committee have basic financial knowledge, and at least one member has accounting or related financial experience. The duties and responsibilities of the Investment Committee are as follows:

  • Oversee all Fund activities according to Policy regulations
  • Periodically provide Fund management reviews to the Board of Directors
  • Review the Policy and recommend changes to the Board of Directors as necessary
  • Evaluate the performance of the Fund and its components
  • Recommend the appointment (or dismissal) of the Vice-President, Investments
  • Based on recommendations made by the Foundation's Investment Directorate, approve Policy exemptions; the selection (and replacement) of external investment managers and their mandates; the appointment (and replacement) of the custodian of funds; and the selection of other external service providers




We believe

"We believe" is a short video that uses images to illustrate our constantly renewed desire to prevent poverty for the good of future generations in Quebec.


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