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Obtaining funding

Application for funding

Do you think we could be one of your partners?

We remind you that our primary focus is on long-term support for non-profit organizations and networks that are working together to create sustainable conditions that will help all young people living in Québec to develop their full potential. We give priority to communities, networks and resources.

Before submitting your letter of intent and to avoid needless work on your part, make sure you have done the following:

Have you looked at our orientations?


Are you sure that your initiative meets the following criteria?

  • You represent a non-profit organization or coalition of organizations
  • Your organization or coalition is concerned with helping to prevent poverty by supporting the development of young people’s full potential
  • Your initiative is happening in the province of Quebec.

Do you understand what types of initiatives we do not support?

  • Direct services for children, youth or families (such as speech therapy or homework assistance programs, community kitchens, programs for young drop-outs, educational activities for children/youth, recognition programs, etc.)
  • Individual grants or fundraising activities (scholarships, benefit events, fundraising campaigns, etc.)
  • Purchase of equipment, food, clothing or school supplies.

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Still convinced we could be one of your partners?

The first step is to write us a letter of intent

We see this letter as an initial contact, giving us an idea of what inspires you and what you want to accomplish.

Use your letter to briefly tell us:

  • who you are,  the nature of your vision and the conditions you would like to change (in collaboration with your partners) in order to further the development of young people’s full potential in Québec.
  • the type of support you need 
  • how your initiative fits into our orientations.

Feel free to include any other existing documentation you consider to be pertinent.

Send us your letter of intent

Application processing

If we feel your intent is promising and in line with our orientations, your application will go through several stages of detailed analysis, during which time we will be in communication with you.

IMPORTANT: You should receive a response within 6-8 weeks. If we require additional information, or if you have asked for clarification, we will be in touch with you.

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