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Mission-based investments

Another way
to achieve our mission

Our mission-based investments complement the philanthropic contributions that are at the heart of our activities.

They account for 10% of the Foundation’s capital, or close to $200 million to be injected between now and 2026. These investments make it possible for us to play a role on the social finance market by seeking out and developing new financial products that are consistent with our philanthropic goals.

A financial tool that offers structuring solutions

Some projects or initiatives put forward by community organizations or social economy enterprises may require investments that go beyond philanthropic contributions and government grants.

Mission-based investments (MBIs) fill this gap through the use of innovative financial tools, such as long-term loans or loan guarantees, that provide the opportunity to consolidate and diversify financing possibilities.

By proposing adapted financial solutions, MBIs allow community organizations or social economy enterprises to make projects happen that otherwise would never leave the drawing board, allowing the Foundation to achieve social outcomes while earning an appropriate financial return.

These tools also make it easier to :

  • access new sources of financing
  • mobilize new partners from diversified sectors (public, private or community-based)
  • find innovative, sustainable solutions for creating living conditions and environments that are supportive, equitable and inclusive for children and their families.


  • Our mission-based investments must be consistent with our mission, our orientations and our values.
  • Most of our MBIs will involve partnerships with other organizations, with expertise provided by organizations working in the area of social finance.
  • Our intention is not to replace government support or compete with other existing sources of funding.
  • To the extent possible, we will avoid one-off investments.

We will invest in projects that:

  • are linked to the prevention of poverty
  • will have positive repercussions on young people’s educational success and their families
  • contribute to community revitalization and development.

Our priority
areas of

Although they may change in the future based on what we learn from our experiences, our investment priorities are currently in the following areas:

  • Affordable housing
  • Food systems
  • Collective real estate
  • Employment integration
  • Socio-ecological transition

We do not handle mission-based investments in the same way as our philanthropic contributions.

Are you interested in knowing more about our MBIs?

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Along with several other partners, we are already contributing to a number of projects

Fonds Investissements Montréal (FIM) IV

This debt fund allows housing cooperatives and non-profits to buy buildings and perform necessary renovations to create healthy, safe, and affordable housing for low- and middle-income families in urban areas. FIM is contributing to the revitalization of several Montreal neighbourhoods while actively promoting citizen and community mobilization.

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Les Habitations Le Domaine

This project takes the form of a second mortgage granted to purchase a 726-unit block of family-oriented real estate in Montreal’s Mercier-Ouest neighbourhood. The purpose of the investment is to give low- and middle-income households access to quality housing at an affordable cost.

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La Garantie solidaire

La Caisse d’économie solidaire Desjardins and the McConnell, Mirella & Lino Saputo and Lucie and André Chagnon Foundations have joined forces to develop a loan guarantee program for Quebec’s community and social economy sectors. 

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