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Establishing a close relationship with our partners

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The development of every aspect of a child's potential is an incredibly complex process. An initiative that focuses on one specific aspect cannot be expected to solve all problems, have an impact on all factors or be applicable to every context.

We have a broad vision of all the individual and social factors that affect childhood development and of the actions that can contribute to achieving the Foundation’s mission.

We believe the support of the Foundation, combined with that of other partners, will stimulate the development and implementation of innovative, effective and sustainable solutions for the benefit of all young Quebecers between the ages of 0 and 17.

Our guiding

In the case of all the initiatives we support, our intention is to:

  • help to create sustainable conditions to enable all young people living in Québec to develop their full potential by working to prevent poverty and reduce inequity
  • support those who have the potential for innovation, who are creating and implementing solutions that bring people together
  • recognize that it is our partners who can best identify the issues, solutions, processes of change and evaluation of their initiative
  • be engaged in an ongoing learning process with our partners
  • be worthy of trust, establishing close relationships based on respect, openness and cooperation.

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