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24 September 2013

Quebec social development network RQDS (Réseau québécois de développement social) launches its regional tour

On September 24, 2013, the Réseau québécois de développement social (RQDS) set off on a tour of the regions of Quebec to communicate its social development balance sheet and reflect on prospects for the future. To accomplish that goal, the RQDS will be visiting 16 Quebec regions to discuss the province's social development for the next few years with the members of social development organizations and their partners in each of the regions.

The RQDS was created in 2005 with the mission of bringing together the province's many regional organizations for social development and supporting the actions of its members. These include regional committees that are active in such diverse areas as the fight against poverty and social exclusion, access to housing, food security, collective transport, healthy lifestyle habits, student retention, living conditions for seniors, neighbourhood or village revitalization, the social economy and the regionalization of immigration. There are currently 16 member regions of the RQDS.

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