Our mission: to prevent poverty by focusing on educational success

Our mission

Our mission is to prevent poverty by contributing to the educational success of young Quebecers (from conception until the age 17) by helping them develop their full potential. In order to fulfill this mission, we provide long-term support for organizations and associations that are working together to actively develop their capacity for sustainable initiatives aimed at promoting the educational success of all children living in Quebec.

By "educational success" we mean the development of every child's full potential (physical, psychological, cognitive, social and emotional) throughout their young lives, helping them to grow into adults that are educated, qualified and socially skilled.

Our approach

The development of every aspect of a child's potential is an incredibly complex process. An initiative that focuses on one particular aspect cannot be expected to solve all problems, have an impact on all factors or be applicable to every milieu. 

The Foundation has a broad vision of all the individual and social factors that affect childhood development and of the actions that can contribute to achieving its mission of preventing poverty by focusing on educational success.

We believe the support of the Foundation, combined with that of other partners, will lead to the development and implementation of innovative, effective and sustainable solutions for the benefit of all children and young people between 0 and 17 in Quebec.

Our vision

Our vision of Quebec is that of a supportive, equitable and inclusive society that enables every child and every family to realize their full potential and play an active role in society.


Based on these principles and the experience gained during our years of activity, the Foundation has chosen to provide support for:

  • Communities, based on their population profile and diversity;
  • Networks that are innovating, disseminating practices, sharing knowledge and taking part in the dialogue on public policy;
  • Resources intended for actors in communities and networks, as well as for the general public and decision-makers.


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The Foundation's guiding principles:

  • To establish relationships based on cooperation, mutual respect and trust that take into account the reality of its partners. The Foundation will take into account and acknowledge the participation of other funders. 

  • To present itself as a learning organization by continually listening to its partners and working with them to agree on evaluation methods that will encourage ongoing learning and the sharing of knowledge.

  • To agree at the outset on the duration of its support and the relative share of its financial contribution, even if it will last for several years, so that partners can maintain their independence and prepare for financial autonomy in the long term. In so doing, the Foundation will be able to offer its support to a greater number of partners.

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