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The Foundation offers its support to actors from different sectors (early childhood, communities, social development, philanthropy, municipal, economic, schools, etc.) that are innovating, disseminating practices, sharing knowledge and taking part in the dialogue on public policy.

Some of these networks are described below.


Coalition montréalaise des tables de quartier (CMTQ)

The Montreal Neighbourhood Round Tables Coalition is an association of 30 neighbourhood round tables dedicated to social development on the Island of Montreal. The Coalition takes action on several issues of local concern with the goal of improving the quality of life in each neighbourhood. >>>


Collectif des partenaires en développement des communautés

The collective of partners in community development is made up of organizations from various sectors and citizens involved in community development. Together, they support local communities (neighbourhoods, villages, MRCs, etc.) that are taking concrete steps to organize their development at the economic, social, cultural and environmental level. (site under construction)


Forum régional sur le développement social de l'Île-de-Montréal (FRDSIM)

The regional forum for social development on the Island of Montreal is a dialogue space for mobilizing regional and national stakeholders in social development. Its mission is to reflect, exchange ideas, promote and advance social development on the Island of Montreal. >>>


Early Child Development Funders Working Group

The Early Child Development Funders Working Group is a cross-Canada learning network. Its goal is simple: to ensure the availability of quality, publicly-funded, universal early childhood education for children as of two years of age. >>>


Projet car

Projet car is a partnership that encourages school teams to collectively take responsibility for improving their expertise and their students' success in order to improve the graduation rate. >>>


Regroupement des organismes communautaires jeunesse du Québec (ROCAJQ)

The ROCAJQ is a coalition of community youth organizations across Quebec that promotes a global community approach and independent community action while informing, educating and raising the awareness of the general public about the realities of today's youth. >>>


Regroupement québécois des intervenants et intervenantes en action communautaire (RQIIAC)

The RQIIAC, or Quebec coalition of community action workers, brings together people who work in health and social service centres (CSSS) in all regions of the province, creating a forum for collective reflection and sharing tools for intervention. >>>


Réseau pour un Québec Famille

An association of provincial organizations-communities, municipalities, education establishments, health and social services and unions-that are concerned about the situation of Quebec families. >>>



Réseau québécois en développement social (RQDS)

The RQDS (Quebec social development network) supports its members by organizing meetings for networking, sharing and training and promotes social development. >>>


Réseau québécois de villes et villages en santé (RQVVS)

The mission of the RQVVS (Quebec network of healthy cities and villages) is to promote and support the sustainable development of healthy living environments across the province by focusing on exchanges and sharing between municipalities, municipal decision-makers' commitment to quality of life and their ability to mobilize their partners and citizens to action. >>>


Table nationale des Corporations de développement communautaire (TNCDC)

The mission of the TNCDC (provincial round table of Community Development Corporations) is to regroup Quebec CDCs and support them in their objectives. The association also encourages promotes the recognition of the invaluable role played by the independent community movement in local development in terms of social justice and sustainable development in our society. >>>

Completed support


L'Accorderie (le Réseau Accorderie)

A social enterprise incorporated as a multi-stakeholder co-op or non-profit organization that supports a bartering system for exchanging services among individuals. >>>

 Other forms of support provided by the Chagnon Foundation:

Forces Avenir and the Lucie and André Chagnon Foundation
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