Projects supported

Since launching its activities in 2000, the Foundation has contributed to many varied projects and initiatives that have advanced its mission at different levels:

  • Children and their families
  • Their community and environment
  • The practitioners who work with them (as well as certain tools they use)
  • Society in general.

The examples of projects listed below illustrate the diversity of the activities led by the Foundation.

Current projects



A social enterprise incorporated as a multi-stakeholder co-op or non-profit organization that supports a bartering system for exchanging services among individuals


Collective Impact Project

The Collective Impact Project is an accelerator of change that aims to increase the impact of collective action and achieve measurable and significant outcomes in the reduction of poverty in Montreal neighbourhoods.



An organization whose mission is to help Quebec communities accomplish the changes they consider necessary for their collective development


The gift of reading

The purpose of this program is to encourage a love of reading in children under 12 whose families have little or no relationship with books by giving them a new book of their own.


Projet car

A partnership to encourage several school teams to collectively take responsibility for improving their expertise and their students' success in order to improve the graduation rate.

Completed projects

Les ateliers cinq épices

Les ateliers cinq épices

A community organization that has developed expertise in promoting healthy nutrition through its cooking and nutrition workshops for children from 2 to 12 years of age

 Initiative ami des bébés

Baby-Friendly Initiative

An initiative whose goal is to increase the rate and duration of exclusive breastfeeding

 Bien dans mes baskets

The Bien dans mes baskets Program

A preventive psychosocial development program that uses extracurricular basketball as an intervention tool


Centre d'aide et de soutien aux intervenants et organismes en petite enfance (CASIOPE)

A social enterprise that provides support for early childhood practitioners and organizations throughout Quebec



Fondation de la Visite

Fondation de la Visite offers free at-home support for pregnant women and parents (both mothers and fathers) of newborns in six Montreal sectors.


Jouons avec Cornemuse et ses amis

Jouons avec Cornemuse et ses amis

An early language stimulation program to spark preschoolers' interest in reading and writing


Health-promoting vending machines

Health-promoting vending machines at Sainte-Justine University Hospital Centre

A concept developed to create healthy nutrition environments in the hospital




A website that, over the years, has become the definitive online Quebec resource for health promotion and healthy living habits



Portage's Mother and Child Program

A social rehabilitation and reintegration program for substance-dependent mothers and their children


Programme pour les enfants de la Presqu'île (PEP)

A program whose ultimate goal is to help local youngsters get off to a good start at school by providing a variety of activities for children from birth to 5 or 6 years of age


Programme scolaire adapté pour les mères adolescentes et leurs enfants (PSAME)

A program enabling adolescent girls who were pregnant or who had already given birth to attend a secondary school in their neighbourhood that provided on-site daycare


Le Service d'information spécialisé sur le tabac et la santé

A service that provides Quebec media with accurate, pertinent and accessible information on all aspects of nicotine addiction

Vers le Pacifique

The Vers le Pacifique program

An age-appropriate program that teaches children about conflict resolution and mediation


We believe

"We believe" is a short video that uses images to illustrate our constantly renewed desire to prevent poverty for the good of future generations in Quebec.