Between 2002 and 2009, the Foundation and the government of Quebec joined forces, in the context of long-term partnerships, to set up three independent organizations to provide support for projects initiated by communities and regions related to early childhood, healthy lifestyle habits and student retention.

Term of the agreement with the government: 2009-2020*

By supporting local community initiatives, Avenir d'enfants strives to fulfill its mission: to advance the overall development of children five and under living in poverty to ensure that every child has the opportunity to get a good start in life.


Term of the agreement with the government: 2002-2019*

Québec en Forme works to mobilize all of Quebec society to promote healthy eating and active living, both essential for young Quebecers to reach their full potential.


Term of the agreement with the government: 2009-2015*

Réunir Réussir supports initiatives that promote student retention in Quebec by focusing primarily on mobilizing the Instances régionales de concertation (IRCs)* and local communities.

 * An "instance régionale de concertation (IRC)" is a group of regional actors from different sectors working towards a common goal in the same region in support of local communities.

* To ensure a smooth transition on the termination of these agreements with the government, the Foundation will continue its dialogue with Quebec regions and communities as well as with actors in civil society in order to determine the bases of its future philanthropic contributions.

Since April 2015, the Foundation has been involved in discussions with the Instances régionales de concertation (regional networks on student retention and educational success) funded by Réunir Réussir to come to an agreement on funding for a transition period that will enable them to pursue certain initiatives and plan for the future. The total amount of these agreements has been set at $2.5 million.

We believe

"We believe" is a short video that uses images to illustrate our constantly renewed desire to prevent poverty for the good of future generations in Quebec.