What we do

The Foundation has a broad vision of all the individual and social factors that affect childhood development and of the actions that can contribute to achieving its mission. This vision translates into several different initiatives.

Three partnerships

One of the Foundation's approaches is to promote the mobilization of a large number of civil society actors -- organizations, institutions, stakeholders and parents -- in order to help them achieve specific objectives in critical areas that have a determining influence on educational success.

To achieve this goal, in 2002, the Foundation and the government of Quebec have joined forces to set up long-term partnerships to stimulate local and regional mobilization:

  • Avenir d'enfants for early childhood development - agreement expires on September 30, 2019*
  • Québec en Forme for healthy lifestyle habits - agreement expires on March 31, 2017*
  • Réunir Réussir for student retention - agreement expires on September 30, 2015*

These three initiatives are the result of reflection based on experience acquired during the Foundation's first few years of activity, during which time it supported many projects that enabled it to validate its decision to concentrate its efforts on mobilizing communities.

At present, most of the Foundation's investments are made through these partnerships with the Quebec government. Every year, a total of $50 million is allocated to the three partnerships.

* To ensure a smooth transition on the termination of these agreements with the government, the Foundation will continue its dialogue with Quebec regions and communities as well as with actors in civil society in order to determine the bases of its future philanthropic contributions.

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Numerous contributions

During its initial years of activity, before it began to establish partnerships with the government of Quebec, the Foundation lent its support to many projects. These projects, some of which are ongoing, are related to issues such as health, healthy lifestyle habits and early childhood. They also offer support to parents, stakeholders and communities, and help further children's development and promote student retention.

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Awareness activities and tools

To raise awareness (not only of parents but also of community, social, economic and public actors in Quebec society) of the importance of taking action very early in children's lives in order to contribute to their educational success, the Foundation has launched various awareness activities and tools. Naître et grandir - a magazine, website and communication initiative - is one of its most significant achievements in this area.

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Our evaluative approach

As a philanthropic organization, the Foundation plays a complementary role in actions initiated by various other actors at different levels (government, civil society, organizations, etc.). In this context, evaluation has proved to be an invaluable tool, helping us to learn what works, what doesn't and why, to improve on actions taken and to share knowledge. Our goal is to develop a form of evaluation that can be adapted to the different intervention contexts in communities and philanthropic milieus so as to create a tool that is useful to them.


It takes a village…

Many communities across Quebec are concerned about the well-being of their children. Avenir d'enfants supports community mobilization. La Constellation 0-5 ans in Lac-Mégantic, in the MRC (regional county municipality) of Granit, is a perfect example of what can happen when a community decides to act together. (in French)